about us

welcome, friend.

hi! i'm tyra, owner of virago homewares. if you know the name virago, then you have probably seen my other business, virago candle studio. i'm a pisces sun, sagittarius moon and taurus rising.

i started virago homewares because i felt like there was a lack of home decor for the lgbtq+ community that is modern and versatile to have in your home year-round. don't get me wrong, i love a good rainbow anything but i wanted something that could fit in all types of home aesthetics while also being authentic and validating not only to my own identity, but to yours as well.

i wanted virago homewares to be a sister brand to my first business, virago candle studio, because without the support of vcs, i wouldn't be able to even dream about the possibility of creating things.

photo by @maddiekphotos

i came out of the closet when i was 17 years old. it was terrifying, honestly but if i could go back to 2015 and show scared, closeted me where i am now, first off she wouldn't believe me, but secondly i think i would give her the courage to live life as her true self. and at the end of the day, that's what matters, right? being a person who would uplift, support and inspire the younger versions of ourselves.

i'm married to the woman of my dreams and we live with 3 fur babies in st. louis, mo. virago homewares was inspired by the creativity of so many people around me.

i'm so glad you're here and i hope you're able to find a piece of virago that fits in your home- whether it's decor or fragrance.


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